Weeknotes: Covid, mostly

After three years of cheating death, I finally caught Covid. My primary concern this whole time was that I’d pass it on to my parents and inadvertently kill them. As such, it was only appropriate that I caught it from my mum. Thanks, Mum, love you.

Given that I’ve spent most of the week doing some combination of coughing, sneezing, sleeping, and wheezing, there isn’t a whole lot to report. That said, the week hasn’t been a complete write-off.

Maybe Stephen does the Astro

I finally managed to move this site from Next.js to something more appropriate. Next.js is fine if you’re building a highly interactive web app, but it’s a terrible choice for a simple blog.

After much casting about I finally settled on Astro. So far, I’m happy with the choice. It’s well-documented and much better suited to a content-based site. As a bonus, it also refrains from shipping a load of JavaScript to the browser, which makes it way faster than Next.js.

As part of the transition, I completed a few basic, but previously intractable, long-standing tasks: syntax highlighting in code blocks, pagination of blog posts, and better image handling.

A dotcom miracle

Hap development has stalled, as programming doesn’t pair well with Covid-brain, but there’s still some Hap-related news.

Before falling ill, a minor miracle happened; I managed to find a relevant, two-word, six-letter .com domain: tryhap.com.

I have now pivoted to domain squatting.

That jersey

Amid a truly awful period for Welsh rugby, it’s probably no surprise that nostalgia for the glorious 70s scaled new heights this week. Anyone who thinks £240,000 may be a bit much for a shirt obviously hasn’t seen that try.

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